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Papaya Playa Project – Tulum/Mexiko

Papaya Playa Project started in 2011 as the the first pop-up hotel on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatán Peninsula. About 99 eco-cabañas extend on the Tulum beach – some of them sea-view casitas, some of them basic wooden bunkhouses near by the jungle. The interior is simple, rustic, authentic local and sustain – hand woven rugs, hammocks an cushions were used.
A space for like-minded, creative individuals, cultural and design-conscious travelers to relax, connect with self and nature. to gather, and to celebrate extraordinary moments  and the gaze of a landscape indescribable beauty. Renowned Berlin Restaurant Kater Holzig runs the open-air bar and serves local, seasonal food and just-caught fish cooked on the grill.