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Egg Kneipe Berlin – Imbiss & Kitchen

Founding the „Egg Kneipe“ – the first deli & streetfood imbiss dedicated to eggs in Berlin – was a so called
affair of the heart of Thies Wulf and his to owner companions Daniel Günther and Patrick Walter.

Based on the passion for eggs, the nutritional value and the variety in international cuisines the three friends thought
the time was ready to open an egg bistro in Germany.

The idea continued the monothematic foodtrend and best pr-egg-tice like in the New York, L.A., London or Amsterdam.
The callenge was to create a welcoming and extraordinary refuge combined with an open and small
kitchen area at only 18qm that invites the guest to linger. Regarding the details and used materials such as wood,
metal structure, green coloured tiles and the old porthole windows it seems like a“steampunk nautico style“.

For more information and sensation check out www.eggkneipe.de or instagram
TW Art Direction: interior design, art installation, corporate media, egg foundation and owner.

special thanks to: Kristof Koszma (Foto), Carola Bräuer (social media/communication) and Georg Wagenhuber (Logo)