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Berlin Travel Festival – creative direction & design

 Following the sneak-preview of 2017 the Berlin Travel Festival was celebrating its debut March 9–11,  2018 at Arena Berlin in Kreuzberg by bringing together today’s most forward-thinking adventurers, aficionados, explorers, and brands to share their globetrotting expertise. Almost 10.000 visitors participated over the course of three days.
The promise behind this new way of thinking and designing a new exhibition format was from the way journeys are planned to how moments on the road are captured and shared—you’ll leave inspired for your next great adventure, you’ll find interactive workshops, you’ll be part of a festival, hence and movement.
Considering all that the object was to creat and provide a modular, flexible system of Exhibition booth – with different standard sizes, options for customizing, an open structure and a modern, exciting and sustainable design.

in collaboratin with Svenja Hammerback view more Berlin Travel Festival Gallery