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Design You are invited: Berlin Travel Festival – sneak preview
08.-10.03.2017 / ITB Berlin / Marshall-Haus

The BERLIN TRAVEL FESTIVAL is about people, places and memories and is designed to bring together
new ways of traveling with the new traveler and future trends.
It will be a playground where the digital and physical dovetail in a carefully curated selection of brands, products, and publications and will feature a colorful and eclectic selection of destinations, ideas, culture, gear, gadgets and more.
The festival will take place for the first time in March 2018 – be part of it as exhibitor, speaker or visitor.
We will present a Sneak Preview this year at ITB, from March 8-10, in the Marshall Haus.
The Sneak Preview is a first taste of what’s to come in 2018 and a space for us to experiment and collect ideas.
Think fun talks, nice stuff, and delicious drinks. Come say hello. Get more curious and insights: www.berlintravelfestival.com

Foto Copyright by Andreas Bohlender / Andrea Cadorin / Björn Wallbaum